Stories about Marian

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Natalie Winter
November 26th

Yesterday we received news that a sweet older lady at our church had unexpectedly passed away. I did not know her well, but I knew her well enough to know that her absence is a loss for those she leaves behind.

One of the reasons that she will be missed is because she was a woman who was generous with her words. Without fail, when I would see her before or after I spoke for our church’s women’s ministry, she would make it a point to share a kind word of affirmation. Not only that, but she would share sweet words about my teaching with my mom, and as every mom can tell you, there are few things more precious than hearing someone else say good things about your kids (regardless of how old your “kid” is). This sweet woman generously gave encouragement and I can not think of a single time she did not greet with a beaming smile and kindness.

Another reason she will be missed is because she was generous with her time. This delightful lady, who did not have any immediate family of her own, “adopted”families with young kids in our church and doted on them with love and care. Even from afar, I could see how she poured her life out for the sake of others - graciously giving of her time to enrich their lives.

On a day when we commemorate all we have to be thankful for, it was hard to hear that this woman, who was such a sweet gift to so many, would no longer be with us. Yet, as one friend put it, she was having a better Thanksgiving than all of us because she was with her Savior. She gave generously while on Earth in anticipation of the lavish abundance she would experience in eternity. And while I will certainly miss her presence, I am so thankful for her example. A life lived generously for the sake of the Kingdom is such a testament to all those who are watching. I know her life was so for me.

Gail Campbell
December 2nd

I loved her so beloved sister in Christ ❤️

Karen Chien
December 2nd

Marian was truly a servant of our Lord Jesus. I’ve known her through Navigating Motherhood and serving together in that ministry. She was always serving with a smile in the Hospitality department. We would exchange smiles and hellos each morning. I would often see her loving on others so well, especially the little children! What a woman who lived well for the Lord by loving others so well.

Jennifer Ledford Siemens
December 5th

We always loved spending time with my Aunt Marian when ever we came to California. Such a warm, fun and loving lady. I can imagine she is in heaven with my Mom and they are having a joyful reunion.